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All restaurant scene pictures are of actual Leap client’s establishments.

Restaurant furniture plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming ambiance and enhancing the overall dining experience. The choice of furniture, from seating arrangements to table design, influences customer satisfaction and comfort. LEAP FURNITURE'S 1000’s of curated, quality, commercial options will help you reflect your restaurant’s or bar’s unique style and identity.

Chairs play a pivotal role in your restaurant’s comfort and overall ambience. The choice of which chairs, whether sleek and modern or traditional and cozy, contributes to the restaurant’s or bar’s aesthetic and influences patron’s perception of the establishment.

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Barstools are a popular choice in restaurant design to maximize seating while promoting a casual and social atmosphere. Their versatility allows you to accommodate different table heights and create dynamic seating arrangements.


Tables are the cornerstone of restaurant design. The material and size of the table, complemented by the base, dictates the level of intimacy, group size, and overall functionality of your space.


Outdoor furniture allows you to transform an open space into an inviting and functional extension of a restaurant. Well chosen outdoor seating and tables allow patrons to enjoy an outdoor aesthetic aligned with the restaurant’s overall branding and theme.


Booths hold a significant role in restaurant design by offering a private and cozy dining experience. Incorporating booths into your layout can enhance customer satisfaction, encourage longer stays, and contribute to the space’s unique character.


Custom designed and built furniture pieces, from booths to casegoods, can make any restaurant or bar space unique and attractive. Leap Furniture’s sister company, LeapCo, is the answer from custom designed pieces to entire restaurant layout design.


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