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When choosing Table Tops and Table Bases for your restaurant or bar, prioritize material quality, size, shape, style, stability, and maintenance to create a dining area that enhances the overall dining experience for your customers while aligning with your establishment’s theme and decor.

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Choosing the Optimal Tables for Your Restaurant

Choosing the right table tops and bases for your restaurant or bar is crucial to creating functionality and aesthetically pleasing dining areas. There isn’t simply one table that works for every restaurant seating experience. As a restaurant owner, your heart will leap at our selection of restaurant tables that we are confident can match your ambiance and restaurant’s theme. Here are some key considerations when selecting these essential elements:

Table Tops:

  • Material: Select table tops made from durable materials suitable for the restaurant environment. Common options include wood, laminate, resin/plastic, and metal. The material should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Size and Shape: Determine the appropriate size and shape of the table tops based on your available space and seating arrangements. Round, square, and rectangular tops are possible choices. Consider various sizes to accommodate different party sizes.
  • Style: Match the style and theme of your restaurant or bar. Choose table tops that complement the decor, whether rustic, industrial, modern, or traditional.

Table Bases:

  • Stability: Prioritize stability when selecting table bases. Look for sturdy, well-constructed bases that can support the weight of the table tops and provide a secure foundation for the diners.
  • Material: Common materials for table bases include metal, wood, and cast iron. Choose a material that compliments your restaurant’s design and provides the necessary durability.
  • Height: Ensure that the table bases are of the appropriate height to match the table tops and create a comfortable dining experience. Adjustable bases can be a versatile option.
  • Legroom: Consider the legroom beneath the table. Pedestal or central column bases can maximize legroom, making it more comfortable for diners.
  • Maintenance: Opt for table bases that are easy to clean and maintain. Avoid designs with hard to clean details that might collect debris.

Set The Table

As a restaurant owner, having the right table design to match your restaurant layout makes the difference between inconvenience and functionality. Whether your restaurant theme requires square tables, rectangular tables, round tables, or even custom tables, our team can match you with the table designs and table sizes to fit your dining room floor plan. Our industry know-how and years of experience are unrivaled when it comes to the dining space. In anticipation for either small or larger groups of customers, stay two leaps ahead with our restaurant tables that are sure to match your interior design and seating options.

Materials For The Best Restaurant Tables

When it comes to commercial furniture for fine dining restaurants, tables are the meats and potatoes that any type of restaurant can’t have without. As part of any dining experience, customers need a solid and reliable restaurant table to enjoy their anticipated meals, appetizing drinks, and memorable dining experiences with their party at your restaurant. Choosing the most popular choice for your top tables may not be what fits best in your ambiance. With Leap Furniture’s wide selection of table tops, there’s a top table design for any restaurant theme. Type of tables we specialize in are wood tables, metal tables, laminate top tables, and resin/plastic tables.

Restaurant furniture is pivotal in creating the inviting atmosphere and quality dining experience you want to provide your customers. Choosing the right furniture for your front of the house that matches your restaurant theme is possible with Leap Furniture’s 1000s of curated, quality, commercial options. Leap Furniture has commercial options for restaurant chairs, restaurant tables (table tops and bases), patio furniture, outdoor furniture, bar stools, restaurant booths, and even the option for custom furniture to represent your modern restaurant aesthetic better. When you’re ready to take the leap and get the high-quality, comfortable furniture your customers deserve, rely on Leap Furniture to help you with all your restaurant furniture needs.